About Our Sunday Service

  When you arrive at Living Word Christian Church you can expect to be greeted by friendly people making you feel right at home.  If you need help finding a place to sit or you need assistance with anything else while you are attending services, there are plenty of ushers placed throughout the sanctuary to assist you.  Corporate Prayer time is held ten minutes before services begin, so  you can prepare your heart to receive Gods word. 

  Pastor Ginger starts off the service with a message from the Word of God, that is always straightforward, encouraging and uplifting.  Then enjoy a time of Worshiping God through contemporary Christian praise and worship music brought to you on a state of the art sound system.  Pastor Stephen concludes the service with a message that God has laid in his heart.  His messages are always full of Gods Word to help build up your faith.

  Occasionally ministers in training or the youth leaders along with the youth group will take the place of one of our pastors.  We invite you to come and enjoy a refreshing time in God with us.


 Bible Study
6:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M. in the sanctuary

   Bible Study is held on Wednesday night.  The atmosphere is casual and participants are encouraged to ask questions and get involved with the discussion.  There is childcare provided free of charge.  Currently Pastor Ginger Pierce is discussing Wisdom through the bible.   Bible study is a great opportunity for anyone to learn more about Gods Word.


 Praise and Worship Service
6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. in the sanctuary.

   Thursday night is one of our favorite times with God.  We set aside one hour of prayer and singing to spend directly with our Master, but now a days his presence is so strong  we don’t want to leave until the Holy Ghost is finished.  Our church is our home away from home.  When the spirit of God is leading we follow.

   Prayer time is like our date night we have with our Father God.  Our Father gives us such joy when we are in his presence that cannot be uttered by words.  There is such peace, that surpasses all understanding, there is such power brought forth by His presence.

   Some Thursday nights the spirit is moving so strong, people are filled with the spirit, and worship and praise fill the sanctuary.  At times the children will even join in worshiping God.

   Prayer time is a time of renewal, refreshing, recharging, re-committing, refueling, refining, and reconnecting with Him and his assurance.